ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus Sheep Placenta Extract

ZÉLL-V Platinum Sheep Placenta Extract

ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus is an oral supplement produced using the advanced ZÉLL-VTech extraction method to obtained 600mg from 30,000mg of fresh sheep placenta in one softgel, providing you with a double dose of anti-ageing effect. ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus also contains double amount of antioxidants from Grape Seed Oil; Shark Liver Oil; Growth Factors which are essential in stimulating cell proliferation and differentiation; as well as Transfer Factors which speed up the immune system’s response against bacterial and viral invasion. Moreover, ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus is made with cutting-edge Eudragit® technology for increased stability, targeted release and higher efficacy, allowing the ingredients to be absorbed into the body within 6 minutes. As a result, you will feel energised and revitalised in an instant. In a nutshell, the double-strength ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus provides you with 24-hour rejuvenation of the cells of your whole body with just one softgel, allowing you to enjoy excellent health and vitality throughout the day.