Tens of thousands of people around the world have benefited from ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy, including celebrities and dignitaries. Here are what our customers say about us:

ZÉLL-V is a reputable and experienced company which holds very good products and health supplements. I had serious psoriasis before and was on long term medication. After taking ZÉLL-V for three months, I decided to stop the medication and the psoriasis didn’t come back. It was a miracle to me.
Laura Lee - 47 Singapore Mrs Global Tourism 2019
Serene Mok
I am a 54-years-old woman with a body age of 29. Healthy living is about nutrition and taking care of your body. I believe in cell therapy. I had a fall during training and broke my ankle and leg. Thankfully, ZÉLL-V aided in my healing process and gave me a full recovery. I cannot be more thankful to ZÉLL-V!
Serene Mok – 54 Singapore Mrs Singapore 2018
I believe that when we have a healthy body and mind, what is inside will exude outwards. Thanks to ZÉLL-V, my energy levels have increased, my wrinkles have reduced, and my skin is brighter. ZÉLL-V gives me quality of life and enables me to do more things and achieve my dreams!
Kenny Santika – 50 Singapore Mrs Singapore world 2010
I take ZÉLL-V because I want to be “Always 25”. Nowadays, women juggle many roles in life. Hence, selecting a good health supplement from a reputable brand is very important. After taking ZÉLL-V, my sleep quality improved and my skin became fairer and brighter. I am really lucky to know about ZÉLL-V. Hopefully, 10 years later I can still look 25!
May Elizabeth Low – 48 Singapore Mrs Classic Universe 2022
When I was preparing for my Master’s thesis, I often studied late into the night, which gradually led to me suffering from sleep disorder. Thankfully, after taking ZÉLL-V, my sleep pattern is back on track. My immune system has also improved. Moreover, ZÉLL-V gives me the energy I need to achieve my dreams and fulfil my responsibilities towards my family and society. 
Evonne Lim – 40 Singapore Mrs Singapore Universe 2022
I’m a cancer survivor and my body was very weak after harsh chemical and radiation treatments. My skin also became very dry and wrinkled with dark spots and red patches. I tried many supplements but they didn’t work. After taking ZÉLL-V, my immune system becomes stronger and I’m full of energy and zest for life. Even though I’m over 60, I’m still able to run around and play with my grandchildren.

Anywhere I go, people praise me for my firm, smooth, radiant and crystal-clear skin. I feel great and confident.

Lindy Koh Hwee Kuan 62, Singapore
I used to have trouble sleeping and often felt lethargic. My skin was also dry and wrinkled. After taking ZÉLL-V, I feel revitalised and energised. I am able to do the exercises I love, including participating in a 3.5km walkaton and lifting weights. My sleep quality has improved, my skin has become supple and firmer with lesser wrinkles and my eyebrows are lifted. ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy is really amazing and better than any supplements that I’d taken before.

Thanks to ZÉLL-V, I feel and look young all the time.

Hjh Halimah Hj Mohd Salleh, 52, Brunei
Meliana Isan
Before taking ZÉLL-V, I felt tired easily and my skin was very dry. After taking ZÉLL-V for 6 months, I became more energetic, focused and alert. My sleep improved, my skin became suppler and my cholesterol levels have decreased. Thank you ZÉLL-V for giving me a healthy life.
Meliana Isan 54, Indonesia
Tan Geik Hua
“After taking ZÉLL-V for 3 months, my skin is softer and brighter, and I feel younger and more energetic, as if I am 25 years old again. Thank you ZÉLL-V for helping me to regain my beauty and confidence!”
Tan Geik Hua 51 Singapore
“I was physically weak, tired, unable to sleep at night, and
I always lost my temper. Since I started ZÉLL-V, I feel alert and energetic, my work efficiency has improved, my skin become glowing and the spots on my face have disappeared.
李艷梅 43 , Beijing, China
Rahmat ahmad
Before taking ZÉLL-V, my cells were in pretty bad condition. After consuming a few boxes of ZÉLL-V, the condition of my cells improved and I felt stronger. Now, even though I’m 60, I look so much younger than my actual age and I’m full of energy! These 6 years, ZÉLL-V has improved my quality of life tremendously.

I’m now living life with so much more energy and enthusiasm!”

Rahmat Ahmad 60, Malaysia
Datin Tay Joo Yee
I am a housewife with three kids. After taking ZÉLL-V, my skin has become more radiant and my focus and energy have improved. In the past, my health, especially my immunity, wasn’t that good. After receiving ZÉLL-V OSPA treatment, my health check shows positive results and my immunity has also improved. Personally, I feel as if I have the energy and alertness of ‘Superwoman’!
I used to have gastric problems and sensitive skin. I’d feel terrible after taking glutinous rice or prawns. After taking ZÉLL-V for a year, my gastric pain has vanished and my skin condition has improved! My facial pores have become smaller, smoother and my skin is glowing. I feel healthier overall and do not get sick so easily.
Frank Davison
For a man, if you lose your libido, you lose your life. That’s what I went through 2 years ago.. Luckily, there is such a treatment called ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy. After taking the injections, I felt different within a few days! In a month, I felt energetic and roaring to go. Needless to say, my sex life has never been so great!